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Supernova Pitesti is more than the commercial center where you may find the coolest fashion brands. Supernova Pitesti is the commercial center that offers you a complete shopping experience.

What does the complete shopping experience mean at Supernova Pitesti?

Oftentimes, malls or commercial centers are associated with popular clothing or footwear brands, such as H&M, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Benvenuti, Intersport, Salamander, or local brands such as Mizar or Marelbo. At Supernova Pitesti you have full access to all these brands and  many others that we invite you to discover!

But, apart from the famous fashion stores, at Supernova Pitesti you have access to the full shopping experience. Yes, Supernova Pitesti is the commercial center where you may always find clothing items, footwear and accessories to your liking.

It is the place where you may shop for your home: from the Carrefour hypermarket. It’s the place where you can pay your bills simple and fast, or the place where you can buy tickets for the concert that you can barely wait for. Just pay a visit to the Inmedio shop.

But it’s also much more than this.

Supernova Pitesti is the place where you find the best products for your pet

We know how important are the needs of your pet and we believe that the Animax Shop has the best products: from food to hygiene products and toys for cats and dogs.

The Animax catalogue brings together the most beloved brands for pet owners, such as Royal Canin, Schesir, Vitakraft. Come to Animax and discover the complete supply!